HNL is an emotional
technology company

Measuring audience responses
in an entirely new way

Need convincing?…
The Heart Never Lies!

What is HNL?

HNL, Heart Never Lies, is an emotional technology Company with a patented algorithm allowing Networks, Platforms, Content Owners, Brands and Manufacturers the ability to capture an individual’s emotional response to set tasks or cross-platform media experiences.

We are a globally patented technology, with roots coming from the medical industry, which is today used in Hospitals all over the world, allowing anaesthetists to gauge, monitor and mange patient pain levels whilst unconscious and in surgery.

Taking that solution, we then worked with scientists, performing human tests over an 18-month period, to deliver a tool to measure happiness, or one’s emotional levels, whilst being conscious.

Why HNL?

Our Ambitions

Things we want…

  • To become the global leader in the capture of human reflex emotions with a view to improving marketing philosophies for manufacturers, producers, associations and companies
  • To make this technology available to the advertising agencies, producers, distributors and focus group companies
  • To create an emotional measuring index system allowing clients to understand and compare reflex responses
  • To help clients avoid costly failures when launching new products and services
  • To provide continuous research to improve our analysis techniques
  • To preserve and respect the use of technologies around humans

Things we don’t want…

  • To become a focus group company
  • To take the place of/or influence human creativity

What’s the process?

Very simple…

  1. The first we do is meet and discuss your needs.
  2. We analyze your requirements in order to deliver a programme of tests
  3. Candidates are analysed for their emotional skill index before the process begins
  4. Tests are performed capturing heart beat responses
  5. The data is then processed through our proprietary algorithm, then verified by our research team
  6. Results are presented in various graphical methods, as well delivering a unique HNL index value

The team

Partners & HNL experts


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